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Please read this agreement carefully before using this website or accessing services offered through this website. In using this website, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge that it's your responsibility to periodically review the Terms of Use for changes and ammendments.

Commercial Use Limitations

This website and its services are intended for use by non-commercial buyers and sellers of Real Estate. Any commercial use of this website, and/or its services is strictly prohibited unless otherwise authorized in writing by By Jesse & Joe Realtor Group.


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Privacy Policy

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We will not spam you. Honestly.

Our goal is to develop a positive relationship with you by providing the most professional experience possible.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Below, we explain what information we collect from you, why we collect it, and how we use the information after it's collected. There are also some other topics discussed as they relate to your privacy.

Your Name

There are various forms on the website that ask you for your name. We ask you for your name for no reason other than to know how to greet you when we text, call, or email you in response to your request.

Email Address

On the contact page of the website, there's a form that allows you to email us a question. In this form your e-mail address is required. We use your email address to send you a response to your question and will not use your email for any other reason unless you specify that you'd like to subscribe to promotional information from us.

Phone Number

Increasingly, customers prefer to text message us. For this reason, when you have a question about a specific property, or you wish to book a showing we ask you for your phone number so that we can conveniently text you. We will not call you unless you specifically ask us to. We will only use your phone number to text you in response to your request.

We may also ask you if you'd like us to send you new properties that interest you via text as they become available on the market, however if you do not express an interest in this service we will not text you properties.

Property Txt Service

If you subscribe to the Property Txt Service we'll send you new properties that match your interest as they become available on the market. If you wish to unsubscribe from this service, simply reply to a text you receive and ask us to unsubscribe.


We use cookies to improve your experience. Cookies allow us to understand your specific interests so that we may customize your experience on our website to better suit your needs. For example, if you search for properties in "Vaughan", the next time you visit our website properties from "Vaughan" will appear automatically.

Privacy Code of the Canadian Real Estate Association

We abide by the Privacy Code of the Canadian Real Estate Association. For specific information, please view the following PDF: